18 Farmhouse Design Bedroom Ideas

In the world of interior design, farmhouse-style bedrooms have become increasingly popular for their timeless charm and cozy appeal. A perfect blend of rustic simplicity and modern comfort, farmhouse bedrooms offer a serene retreat that evokes the warmth of country living. In this blog post, we’ll explore some inspiring farmhouse design bedroom ideas that can transform your sleeping space into a haven of tranquility and style.

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Neutral Color Palette:

The farmhouse style is characterized by a neutral color palette that reflects the calm and soothing ambiance of rural landscapes. Opt for soft, muted colors such as whites, creams, grays, and earthy tones for your bedroom walls. These hues create a serene backdrop that complements the natural elements often found in farmhouse decor.

Reclaimed Wood Accents:

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Introduce the essence of farmhouse living by incorporating reclaimed wood elements into your bedroom design. Consider a wooden accent wall, a reclaimed wood headboard, or even wooden ceiling beams. These elements add a touch of authenticity and warmth, infusing the space with rustic charm.

Barn Doors:

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Bring a touch of the countryside indoors with sliding barn doors. Barn doors not only serve as a functional space-saving solution but also contribute to the overall farmhouse aesthetic. Choose doors with a distressed finish or paint them in a weathered hue to enhance the vintage appeal.

Vintage Furniture:

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Scour antique shops or repurpose old furniture to find pieces that exude vintage charm. Consider a distressed wooden dresser, a wrought iron bed frame, or a quaint vanity table to add character to your farmhouse bedroom. Mix and match pieces for an eclectic yet cohesive look.

Cozy Bedding:

Create a cozy and inviting atmosphere with soft, layered bedding. Opt for comfortable linens, plump pillows, and a chunky knit throw to enhance the comfort and warmth of your farmhouse bedroom. Quilts or duvets with simple patterns or florals can contribute to the classic farmhouse style.

Rustic Lighting:

Select lighting fixtures that complement the farmhouse aesthetic. Lantern-style pendant lights, wrought iron chandeliers, or simple industrial-inspired fixtures can add a rustic touch to your bedroom. Consider placing vintage table lamps on nightstands for a warm, ambient glow.

Farmhouse Decor Accents:

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Complete the look with carefully chosen decor accents. Incorporate farmhouse-inspired accessories such as mason jar vases, distressed picture frames, and woven baskets. Greenery or floral arrangements in rustic containers can bring a touch of nature indoors.

Shiplap Walls:

For an authentic farmhouse feel, consider incorporating shiplap walls. Shiplap, with its horizontal wooden planks, adds texture and visual interest to the room. You can use it as an accent wall behind the bed or cover an entire room for a more pronounced effec

18 Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

1. Farmhouse Bedroom, Portland

Photo by Wendy O’Brien Interior Planning & Design

Step into the Farmhouse Bedroom of the 5,100 Sq. Ft. Modern Farmhouse Showcase Home in Portland, where the essence of contemporary simplicity meets the charm of farmhouse architecture. The room invites you into a world of crisp, uncomplicated design, where a sense of calmness pervades. The image encapsulates the beauty of a bedroom that seamlessly marries modern aesthetics with farmhouse allure, creating an inviting retreat within the expansive showcase home.

2. Hidden Prairie Farm

Photo by DeLeers Construction, Inc.

The interior design of this farmhouse retreat features locally sourced reclaimed posts and beams, along with wide plank white oak flooring, creating an ambiance reminiscent of traditional barn structures. Walls of windows and cathedral ceilings not only welcome natural light but also provide breathtaking views of the surrounding meadow and tree line. The Door County fieldstone fireplace stands as a focal point, juxtaposed against classic white cabinetry and millwork. The room, adorned with tongue and groove wainscoting, evokes a sense of timeless comfort. This image captures the essence of a Farmhouse Bedroom that marries the rustic elements of the outdoors with classic finishes, resulting in a uniquely crafted space within the heart of Hidden Prairie Farm.

3. Farmhouse Bedroom, Minneapolis

Photo by Hagstrom Builder

Step into the Farmhouse Bedroom of this charming Modern Farmhouse in Minneapolis, nestled within a serene prairie setting. The room, a study in contrasts and harmonious design, reflects the overall aesthetic of the home. Copious windows and wrap-around porches seamlessly blend outdoor and indoor living, inviting nature’s beauty into the tranquil space. Inside, meticulous attention to detail is evident, with in-floor heating beneath porcelain tiles creating a cozy ambiance. Fond du Lac stone, reminiscent of an original foundation wall, complements the rough-hewn wood finishes, establishing a rustic yet refined atmosphere. The bedroom serves as a sanctuary, featuring sleek carrera marble in the master bath, top-of-the-line appliances, and soapstone counters in the kitchen. This image encapsulates the charm of a Farmhouse Bedroom where contrasts harmonize, offering a haven of tranquility within the embrace of modern farmhouse living.

4. Farmhouse Bedroom, Denver

Photo by Factor Design Build

This Farmhouse Bedroom in Denver embodies an essence of approachable elegance. Bathed in a soft, natural light streaming through its expansive window, the room emanates a tranquil simplicity. The focal point, a modern four-poster bed, effortlessly claims its place as the epitome of understated sophistication. The airy ambiance, coupled with the clean lines and uncluttered aesthetic, creates a serene retreat that seamlessly blends modern design with timeless comfort. This snapshot captures the harmonious marriage of simplicity and refined style, inviting one to indulge in a peaceful haven where comfort and elegance coalesce effortlessly.

5. Modern Farmhouse-Upstate

Photo by Crisp Architects

Step into the epitome of comfort and style within the Master Bedroom of this Modern Farmhouse nestled in Upstate New York. Exposed roof trusses overhead create a rustic charm, harmonizing with the inviting shiplap walls that add a touch of classic elegance. The bedroom is adorned with a plush carpet, gracefully laid over the rich warmth of hardwood flooring. This sanctuary within the farmhouse embodies a perfect blend of modern aesthetics and timeless allure, offering a serene retreat in the heart of Upstate New York.

6. Lakeside Farmhouse

Photo by David Charlez Designs

Welcome to the Lakeside Farmhouse, where the essence of serenity is encapsulated in this captivating Farmhouse Bedroom in Minneapolis. This Suite emerges as a sanctuary of comfort and style, boasting a statement ceiling that adds a touch of architectural allure. As sunlight gently bathes the room through a generous wall of windows, the space opens up to reveal an unparalleled view of the tranquil lake beyond. The marriage of rustic farmhouse elements and modern aesthetics is evident in every detail, creating a harmonious retreat. This image captures the perfect blend of nature’s beauty and thoughtful design, inviting you to bask in the cozy luxury of a lakeside haven where the exterior landscape seamlessly becomes part of the interior charm.

7. Sunrise Point

Photo by Wright Design

Step into the heart of Sunrise Point, where the Farmhouse Bedroom becomes a tranquil retreat within this transitional timber frame home. The essence of lakeside living and mountain vistas is seamlessly woven into the fabric of the space. The exterior’s natural stone, river rock, granite, and Tennessee field stone find their way into the bedroom, fostering a harmonious connection between the interior and its surroundings. The room exudes casual elegance, mirroring the home’s overall design ethos. As the wavy edge siding and cedar shingle roof echo the rustic charm of the outdoors, the bedroom becomes a haven of comfort and style. This image captures the seamless flow between indoors and outdoors, presenting a bedroom where nature’s beauty is invited to coexist with the warmth of carefully curated interiors.

8. Timeless Midnight Black Shiplap Bedroom

Photo by UFP-Edge

Immerse yourself in the allure of the Timeless Midnight Black Shiplap Bedroom. The bedroom radiates sophistication, with sleek lines and a clean finish, offering a perfect blend of modern farmhouse and transitional aesthetics. Step into this captivating space, where the Timeless shiplap elevates interior design, providing dimension and character that captivates both residents and admirers alike.

9. Arrowhead Farmhouse, Boston

Photo by Cummings Architecture + Interiors

Step into the tranquility of the Farmhouse Bedroom within the Arrowhead Farmhouse in Boston. Nestled within a historic farmhouse dating back to the late 1700s, this master bedroom suite is a testament to timeless elegance. The room’s ambiance is enhanced by the surrounding expansive fields and picturesque farmland, visible through floor-to-ceiling windows that infuse the space with natural light. Preserving the historic character, the bedroom reflects a seamless blend of authenticity and modern comfort. The restoration effort extends to the retention and restoration of the home’s original single-pane windows, offering a glimpse into the past. As an integral part of the new addition, the master bedroom suite becomes a tranquil retreat, capturing the essence of history and serenity in a perfect balance. This image invites you to immerse yourself in a space where the charm of the farmhouse meets the comforts of contemporary living.

10. Modern Farmhouse Bedroom, Cincinnati

Photo by Square Inch Design

Enter the serene embrace of the Farmhouse Bedroom within this contemporary haven in Cincinnati. Nestled within a for-market house, this bedroom seamlessly merges modern aesthetics with farmhouse charm. Perched on a narrow hillside lot, the room is designed as an oasis of tranquility, offering panoramic views of the Square below. The curated interior reflects a blend of sleek, modern lines and rustic farmhouse elements, creating an atmosphere of timeless sophistication. This image invites you to experience the epitome of comfort and style within the confines of this modern farmhouse bedroom, a space where contemporary design meets the serenity of its natural surroundings.

11. Arden Park Modern Farmhouse, Sacramento

Photo by Next Generation Capital

Step into the tranquil ambiance of the Farmhouse Bedroom within the Arden Park Modern residence in Sacramento. The Master Suite is a vision of contemporary elegance, featuring an exquisite Herringbone Shiplap accent wall in a crisp white hue. The room is bathed in natural light, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. A distinctive touch is added with the presence of a herringbone barn door leading to the master bath, a harmonious blend of modern design and rustic charm. This image captures the essence of a serene retreat, where the interplay of light, design, and thoughtful accents creates a Farmhouse Bedroom that epitomizes comfort and style.

12. Haas Valley Farm, Chicago

Photo by Searl Lamaster Howe Architects

Step into the Farmhouse Bedroom at Haas Valley Farm in Chicago, a haven of tranquility and spacious elegance. Encircled by windows on three sides and crowned by a vaulted ceiling, the relatively compact main bedroom effortlessly blends the concepts of sanctuary and expansiveness. Natural light cascades into the room, creating an atmosphere that feels both cozy and open. The thoughtful design of this bedroom captures the essence of a retreat, where the outside world harmoniously merges with the interior, offering a serene space that feels both intimate and boundless. This image encapsulates the Farmhouse Bedroom’s balance of coziness and openness, inviting you to experience a place of serene refuge within the heart of Haas Valley Farm.

13. Phillips Home, Denver

Photo by HouseHome

Step into the transformed Farmhouse Bedroom of the Phillips Home in Denver, where a masterful infusion of light and elegance has redefined the space. Originally enveloped in a dark brown palette from floor to ceiling, the room now exudes a serene ambiance, bathed in a soothing cool gray that seamlessly connects with the home’s overall aesthetic. The thoughtful inclusion of custom Pottery Barn chairs and a small table creates a charming resting spot within the room, adding both functionality and style. An eclectic touch is introduced with original antique pictures sourced from Denver, each bearing the authenticity of time and history. This image invites you to witness the metamorphosis of a once-dark sanctuary into a Farmhouse Bedroom that radiates tranquility, sophistication, and a curated sense of charm.

14. Fabulous Farmhouse Estate, Indianapolis

Photo by Everything Home

Enter the serene realm of the bedrooms within this beautiful farmhouse-style home, meticulously designed by our Carmel design-build studio. Crafted to embody a tranquil relaxation sanctuary, these bedrooms exude an air of calmness through ample natural light and soft finishes. The thoughtful design invites you into a space where simplicity meets sophistication, fostering a serene ambiance that encourages rest and rejuvenation. This image captures the essence of a bedroom retreat within the farmhouse, where a harmonious blend of light, textures, and design elements creates an inviting haven for peaceful repose.

15. The Cottage at Bonterra Farm, Dallas

Photo by BonTerra Design & Consulting

Step into Bedroom 2 of The Cottage at Bonterra Farm in Dallas, a quaint farmhouse retreat nestled in the woods beside a peaceful creek. This charming space, situated on 30 acres listed on the National Register of Historic Places, reflects the rustic allure of the Roark-Griffith beehive kiln era from 1864 to 1904. The room is a haven within this historical setting, exuding warmth and simplicity. Surrounded by the natural beauty of the outdoors, the farmhouse bedroom embraces a timeless charm, inviting you to experience a tranquil escape in the heart of history and nature. This image captures the essence of a farmhouse bedroom, where simplicity and connection with the surroundings create a serene retreat for rest and relaxation.

16. Farmhouse Master Bedroom- Post and Beam, Burlington

Photo by Davis Frame Company

This enchanting Farmhouse Master Bedroom with Post and Beam architecture in Burlington boasts a cathedral ceiling, adorned with the rustic elegance of exposed pine beams and pine decking. The interplay of natural materials and architectural elements creates a harmonious sanctuary, where the warmth of wood meets the expansive allure of the cathedral ceiling. Bathed in a soft, natural light, this Farmhouse Bedroom captures the essence of tranquility and timeless charm. The image invites you to immerse yourself in the serene ambiance of a masterful fusion between post and beam design, where simplicity and sophistication coalesce to create an inviting haven for rest and relaxation.

17. The Ellington at Creekside Meadows

Photo by Landmark Homes

Immerse yourself in the Farmhouse Bedroom of The Ellington at Creekside Meadows. This serene space is a sanctuary within the 2-story home, inviting tranquility and comfort. The room reflects a harmonious blend of farmhouse charm and modern elegance, with its inviting atmosphere and thoughtful design. The focus lies on simplicity and sophistication, steering away from extraneous details. Natural light gently illuminates the room, showcasing stylish hardwood flooring that extends through the home’s key areas. The image captures the essence of a Farmhouse Bedroom, where the balance of comfort and style creates an inviting retreat within The Ellington at Creekside Meadows.

18. Redford House, Charlotte

Photo by Coach Barn

This bedroom is a testament to the exquisite blend of antique cottage style furniture, skillfully interpreted through a labor of passion and unwavering quality. Each piece is a work of art, meticulously crafted with a multi-layered hand lacquering and antiquing process, ensuring heirloom quality that is designed to withstand the test of time. What sets this collection apart is its meticulous attention to detail and the use of alder solid wood construction, infusing each piece with a unique charm through grain patterns, knots, and color variations. Regular distressing, coupled with hand-applied distress markings, artfully emulate the natural wear of original antique pieces, adding an authentic touch to modern decor.

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