Auemtyn Area Rug, 3×5 Washable Rug for Living Room, Vintage Rug with Non-Slip Backing, Non-Shedding Distressed Rug for Bedroom, Ultra-Thin Soft Farmhouse Rug for Home Decor(3’x5′, Grey)

  • 【Exclusive Design Vintage Area Rug】Auemtyn washable rug is designed with retro classic patterns,Which is suitable for most interior designs and will bring strong visual impact and a mysterious atmosphere. Add a subtle and profound effect to any room of your home.
  • 【Non-Shedding & More Soft Rug】washable rugs are made with ultra-fine, ultra-soft faux cashmere fibers.It will not shed fibers or be inhaled, so that you needn”t to worry about shedding. Besides,our rugs use premium recycled polyester for a lightweight yet durable, and reinforced over lock edges which is spill & stain-resistant;Eco-Friendly,environment first materials and manufacturing processes.
  • 【Non-Slip Durable Living Room Rug】Auemtyn machine washable rug features an anti-slip rubber backing which is designed with reinforced TPR and cotton material. So this rug will stay where you place it to prevent dangerous slides and slips while protecting your floor from moisture, stains and scratches.The area rug is an ideal base for high traffic areas such as the entryway, living room, dining room, kitchen, and hallways.
  • 【Easy To Care Washable Rug】Auemtyn Washable Rugs are an inexpensive solution for homes with pets and children or rooms with high traffic.Then don”t need to be professional cleaned or have stains scrubbed out. All you have to do is throw them into the washer.Pets can sometimes make messes,and children are Known for being messy eaters. With washable rugs for pets and kids,you can easily clean up any spills or messes.
  • 【Product Note】It is very common that Washable Rugs may contain temporary creases upon arrival.You can flat out the edges by weighting them down with something heavy on each corner. You can also flip the rug upside down. Curved edges should lie flat within a few days after rug is unrolled.If you have any questions about our products,please feel free to contact us.
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