DaDa Bedding Denim Blue Elegance Patchwork Floral Bedspread Set – 100% Cotton Boho Chic Lightweight Quilted Coverlet – Striped Paisley Medallion Multi Colorful Ivory – Full Size 3 Pieces

  • Pattern Perfection: This isn”t just a quilt; it”s a work of art! A mosaic of rustic floral paisleys and squares in farmhouse navy, denim blues, and neutral ivories delivers a visual feast. Bonus
  • Transform Your Bedroom: Looking for an instant room makeover? Our Boho chic patchwork of paisleys, stripes, and medallions will make your space Instagram-worthy. Your followers will be jealous!
  • Included – Full Quilt: 86″ x 90″ & Two Piece Standard Shams – 20″ x 26″ Size It Up
  • Natural Comfort: Made from 100% cotton with a cushy blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester filling. Imagine snuggling in a cloud—that”s this quilt.
  • Four Seasons Friendly: In warmer climates, this quilt is your summer night dream. It”s lightweight yet cozy enough for spring and autumn too! When winter chills come, just layer it with a comforter for snug-as-a-bug comfort.
  • Wash and Go: No fuss. No drama. Machine wash cold, tumble dry low, and you”re good to go. This quilt is as low-maintenance as they come!
  • The Right Colors: Don”t just sleep—sleep stylishly. Our mix of denim blues and warm ivories ensures that this quilt complements any bedroom decor. Your room will thank you.
  • Sleep Better, Live Better: Lightweight yet cozy, this quilt delivers the comfort you need for a restful night”s sleep, without the heaviness that disrupts your beauty rest. Sweet dreams are made of these!
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