Homespice 2×3′ Brown Oval Braided Rug. Harvest Brown Jute Oval Rug. Uses- Entryway Rugs, Kitchen Rugs, Bathroom Rugs. Reversible, Rustic, Country, Primitive, Farmhouse Decor Rug

  • BROWN BRAIDED RUG: With the warm and inviting shades of beige, tan, red, sage, and green expertly woven into an intricate pattern, harvest rug brings the beauty of the outdoors inside. This small oval rug will look good in your home for years to come.
  • BRAIDED KITCHEN RUGS: This rug is great for the kitchen. It is versatile and will make you become the perfect decorator. Use it as a Farmhouse Style Kitchen Rug, and the blue colors will blend with all the grays. If you want Country Kitchen Rugs you have found the perfect classic fit. And with a braid if you are searching for a Primitive Decor Kitchen Rug you will be full of smiles as braids hold up so well in the kitchen.
  • ENTRYWAY RUGS: Jute entryway rugs are tough and durable. The braided pattern hides dirt and looks clean. The classic design says “home” as soon as you enter. Ideal as door rugs for entryway indoor. The braided pattern lends itself as a farmhouse rug to the entry way. If is it a rustic entry way rug or a country entryway rug or an oval entryway rug; this is the perfect rug for you.
  • BROWN BATHROOM RUGS: If you are searching for rugs for bathroom floor you have found the right rug. These oval bathroom rugs are great to use. They can handle a high level of water exposure. Jute bathroom rugs are durable and affordable. This reversible bathroom rug is versatile and can satisfy the needs for country decor bathroom rugs, farmhouse style bathroom rugs, bathroom rug rustic and primitive bathroom decor rugs.
  • OVAL SHAPE BRAIDED RUG Benefits- LAYS FLAT: This is a well made rug and will lay flat. TIGHT STITCHING
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