KOANEssentials Modern Farmhouse Metal Laundry Pods Container with Dryer Sheet Holder for Laundry Room Organization and Storage, Farmhouse Decor, Holds over 150 Laundry Pods and 300 Dryer Sheets

  • KOANEssentials Modern Laundry Pods and Dryer Sheets Containers Set: Take organizing to the next level with our laundry pods and dryer sheets containers set which holds over 150 laundry pods and 300 dryer sheets. Our laundry organizing set can be used for more than one purpose. The containers can hold dryer balls, lint, laundry scent boosters, laundry detergent powder (not intended for liquid laundry detergent) and more making these containers multi-purpose.
  • Modern Design: Designed to fit any customer’s décor and aesthetic, our laundry organizing set includes a wooden handle on each container, a white sleek finish, and simple, black minimalist font to enhance your laundry rooms décor. Wooden handles make utilizing each container simple and easy to use. Our laundry organizing set is created with metal material that is protected from rust and staining to ensure that our product is durable and water resistant.
  • High Quality and Durability: Our laundry pods and dryer sheets containers set is made to last. The simple design for opening and closing the containers makes it quick and easy to use. The wooden handle and airtight metal lid ensures that both your laundry pods and dryer sheets are sealed tightly and protected from any outside exposure.
  • Dimensions: The dimensions for the laundry pod container are 11”(H)x7”(W)x6”(L) and 7”(H) x7”(W)x6”(L) for the dryer sheets container. These dimensions are perfect for placing the containers on shelves, in cabinets, side tables and on most window ledges.
  • Packaging: Our laundry pods and dryer sheets containers set includes our exclusive, high quality packaging which makes this set the perfect gift for any occasion or a gift for your laundry room. Our packaging makes the product easy to gift wrap and give to a family or friend. laundry organization and storage
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